Holistic pain management for every body.

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Based in Elgin Street, Carlton, we are a holistic pain management practice offering a range of interventional pain techniques. We specialise in chronic pelvic pain and chronic postsurgical pain.



Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment that can help to relieve the symptoms of a range of pain-related conditions.

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Interventional pain

This field of medicine involves interventional pain treatments, like nerve blocks, neuromodulation and implantable drug delivery systems.

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Pain management

These are rehabilitation-based multidisciplinary programs that help treat chronic pain. The programs often involve a range of different clinicians.

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Elgin Pain Managment - Dr Frank Buchanan

Our practitioners

Elgin Pain Management is led by Dr. Frank Buchanan. Frank is a graduate of Monash University and trained in anaesthesia at the Alfred and Geelong Hospital training programmes.

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conditions we treat

Here at Elgin Pain Managment, we offer medically validated treatment options that can help relieve the symptoms of a range of pain-related conditions. Find out more about these conditions by clicking on the links below.


✓   Chronic pelvic pain

✓   Spinal canal stenosis

✓   Discogenic pain

✓   Facet joint pain

✓   Failed back surgery syndrome

✓   Low back and leg pain

✓   Neuropathic pain

✓   Pelvic instability

✓   Vulvodynia

✓   Complex regional pain

✓   Chronic postsurgical pain

✓   Pregnancy and low back pain

✓   Psoas syndrome

✓   Quadratus lumborum syndrome

✓   Sacroiliac joint pain

✓   Pregnancy associated pain

✓   Spondylosis 


latest news

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